ADU Program


ADU Pilot Program

How can we test a new approach that provides homeowners with an accessible and affordable pathway to build a rentable ADU – increasing both homeowner equity and LA’s affordable housing stock?

The process of building an ADU requires a lot of time, expertise, and money to navigate through design, permits, and construction. On top of those challenges, the traditional financing system for constructing ADUs is not accessible to most homeowners. This ADU Pilot Program will test a new approach to provide homeowners with an affordable pathway to build a rentable ADU – increasing homeowner equity while also helping LA’s affordable housing crisis.

The ADU Pilot Program provides design, permitting, construction, and financing services for homeowners throughout LA who would like to build a rentable ADU, but do not have readily available cash or sufficient equity to pay for the construction. This program will help up to three homeowners build a studio or a small one bedroom ADU with total costs of up to $125,000. Building upon the lessons learned in this pilot round, we hope to expand this program in the future.

The program is a collaboration between LA-Más, Restore Neighborhoods LA (RNLA), and Genesis LA. LA-Más will serve as the project manager and take the lead on design & permitting for each ADU. RNLA will lead the construction management of each ADU and ensure they are built efficiently and affordably. Genesis LA will provide funds to RNLA to cover construction costs.

We are currently in the process of selecting three homeowners for the first round of ADU construction. Learn more about the ADU Pilot Program in this informational booklet!