LA-Más is an urban design non-profit that helps lower-income & underserved communities shape their future through policy and architecture.



We envision a world where city growth is equitable and self-directed — where the best local solutions are brought to a city-wide scale.


Why LA Más Exists

Across Los Angeles, large-scale civic issues of displacement, gentrification, and developer-driven urban renewal are impacting thousands of local communities in transition. LA-Más pushes beyond the current norms of urban development by directly demonstrating how to create vibrant, dynamic communities that unify the vision, values, and voices of all stakeholders involved.

In an increasingly privatized world, public space is sparse and undervalued, yet it is essential for modern urban life. Public space provides the opportunity for social interaction and connections that are the building blocks of community.

Furthermore, private investment has great potential to prioritize meaningful community investment. Our unique approach and list of successful case studies proves to city agencies and developers alike that intentionally collaborating to expand the rights of individuals to affect, alter, and access public space and private investment is crucial for long-term success.


We help communities shape their own growth.


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