Futuro de Frogtown

How do we minimize displacement pressures in the community as investment grows in the LA River?

Futuro de Frogtown was a ten month co-visioning process to understand what community members - both new and long term - wants to see (or not see!) in their neighborhood as it inevitably changes. As the facilitators of this project, LA-Más convened diverse community perspectives with a focus on ensuring that voices not often present in planning efforts were heard. 

Each of the six workshops focused on different topics, were designed to be both educational and thought provoking, and took place in untraditional meeting locations where community members already gather. The final report synthesize the insights gained from the community members of Elysian Valley into strategies that can be driven by community stakeholders, developers, and policy makers. This process informed the local zoning code - specifically the "Q Conditions" adopted by the City in late 2015. To read more, click here.