Accessory Dwelling Unit Pilot Project

How can Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) address our housing crisis by promoting both housing affordability and contextual design?

Accessory Dwelling Units (also know as ADUs, backyard homes, in-law units, granny flats, etc.) are prevalent through Los Angeles. However, less than 600 ADUs have been permitted, while academic analysis suggests that there are nearly 50,000 unpermitted units in a City with nearly half a million single family lots. With a housing crisis heightened by the supply shortage, LA-Más is teaming up with Council District 1 and the Mayor's Innovation Team on a Pilot Program that tests how an ADU can be both affordable and contextual.


After a long outreach process, Trent Wolbe and Grace Lee were selected to participate in the Pilot Program. With a construction loan provided by Genesis LA, LA-Más worked with these Highland Park residents to build a new 1,000 sq. ft, two story, two bedroom home with a garage within a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. With total development costs under $200K, this project will serve as model for affordable construction, contextual design, financial loan innovation, and future ADU policy.

Construction will begin in summer 2017 - stayed tuned!