On Avalon

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On Avalon Phase 1: Strategic Roadmap

How can design interventions and programming promote a safer and more vibrant Avalon Boulevard?

To enhance the safety, experience, and vitality of Avalon Blvd between C & I Street, this project included short-term pilot projects that were designed to inform permanent design installations on the street. To provide an experience that is tactical and tangible, our pilot projects were physical in nature. These short-term trials featured low-cost solutions that have the potential for high-impact and long-term change.

Avalon Blvd is the commercial core of Wilmington. Although this corridor continues to serves this role today, its popularity is not as widespread as it once was. To celebrate the gems that currently exist, especially the numerous small businesses, this project provides a strong foundation for basic issues such as safety, lighting, and beautification.

The first phase of On Avalon included three months of pilot projects, starting in June 2015, and featured solution-oriented design interventions. Simultaneously, LA-Más curated cultural programming to unpack the value and successes of each pilot projects and provide opportunities for community feedback.

This project is commissioned by Councilman Joe Buscaino of Los Angeles Council District 15.

Learn more at the project website and check out the On Avalon Strategic Roadmap (Spanish Version)!