On The Road


On The Road Project LA

How can informal public space gatherings be celebrated through thoughtful research and engagement?

On the Road’s fifth program addressed the Hollywood sign and its trails from various points of view. Six projects, diverse in concept and approach, were implemented over the course of the day on the way up to Mt. Lee Drive and the backside of The Hollywood Sign.

As one of the six projects, LA-Más studied and recorded the activation and creation of informal public space in L.A. using balloon mapping throughout the OtR 5 event. Using Public Lab’s Balloon Mapping technology, LA-Mas set up a series of yellow balloons rigged with cameras to create time-lapse images of how OtR 5 is activating the trails and engaging with the temporal activation of the space. The yellow balloons acted as a visual signifier for the trails.

Photos by Jamie Kowal, Leon Henderson, & LA-Más.