Small Business

Our small business development program is focused on supporting immigrant-owned mom-and-pop businesses by providing technical assistance to improve their business operations and designing storefront make-overs to attract new customers and create a strong sense of place.


Alternative Housing

Our alternative housing program is focused on designing, permitting, and incentivizing the construction of more Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), also known as backyard homes or granny flats, in order to increase the number of neighborhood-scale affordable rental units in gentrifying urban neighborhoods.


Public Realm

Our public realm projects are focused on creating a more safe, accessible, and welcoming pedestrian experience along streets throughout Los Angeles. We work with community members to design amenities in the public right-of-way that meet their needs and reflect their diverse identities and values.


Community Plans

LA-Más helps community members unpack complicated planning concepts such as land use and zoning, and then work together to translate the community’s vision for their neighborhood into plans that clearly inform policy and future development.