Sidewalk of Gold

How can the sidewalk become a site for commemorating one of Los Angeles's most beloved cultural icons, Jonathan Gold?

For Angelenos, the sidewalk is our piazza and food trucks and street vendors are our four-star Michelin restaurants. This often-overlooked terrority is made vibrant and alive by the entrepreneurs, cultural producers, and culinary experts that Jonathan Gold highlighted for all of us. Our team was honored to be invited by the Mayor’s Office and the Grand Central Market to design a fitting commemoration for Jonathan Gold. The new bronze plaque inside Grand Central Market reflects Gold’s playful and celebratory description of food. We borrowed from the stylistic language of macaronic art to decorate the plaque, featuring some of his favorite foods. The light pole medallions feature Gold’s well-known profile and honor his much-beloved status in the city. We were excited to partner with the Bureau of Street Lighting, who painted the poles gold and installed these medallions in just two weeks.

We’re excited that the City will be transforming the sidewalk outside Gold’s favorite place in a way that reflects the best of Los Angeles. A tribute ceremony to honor the life and legacy of Jonathan Gold was held on August 26th at Grand Central Market.

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